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Cloudburst – Clean Water Clean Fuel – provides grease trap cleaning services for restaurants and food industry in the Portland Metropolitan region. Service is usually done on a regular periodic basis. The frequency of service depends on the needs of the customer. Our service provides regular scheduled maintenance and reporting to keep you in compliance with government regulations and reporting requirements. You set the schedule and we do the job.
Prevent clogging drains.

Everyone knows what a disaster a drain stoppage can cause. Don’t let a clogged grease trap shut down your kitchen operation with no warning, leaving your customers unserved – and leaving you with unhappy customers, lost revenue, a stinky mess and an expensive emergency cleanup.

Regular, professional cleaning and maintenance of your grease trap will help keep your drains flowing.

A grease traps reduces Fats Oils and Grease (FOGs) and solids, such as food particles, in the water that flows out your drain into the municipal sewer system.

Waste water going down your drain from sinks, dishwashers, and floor drains first passes through the grease trap where FOGs tend to float to the top and solids settle to the bottom of the trap. The grease trap gradually fills with Fogs and solids and must be pumped out periodically. If not serviced often enough, the flow will become restricted.

FOGs and solids back up your drain pipes and are forced out the sewer outflow. They will accumulate in your drain pipes, causing clogs and stoppages. Eventually pipes will backup your drains with possible flooding and a stinky mess! Eventually your drains pipes will clog and must be cleaned out.
Portland and surrounding cities and counties require that all restaurants and food service establishments have grease traps, clean those grease traps on an adequate service interval, and provide reporting to City inspectors who monitor compliance. Cities spend millions of dollars every year cleaning FOGs and solids out of the sewer pipes, and treating sewer water prior to discharge into rivers. They require that restaurants do their part with proper grease trap maintenance. Failure to comply can result in fines.

  • Cloudburst Recycling communicates & schedules with city inspectors so you don't have to.
  • Cloudburst takes care of all required reporting to City officials on your behalf. We handle scheduling and ensure that your trap is cleaned in a proper and timely manner.
  • Cloudburst is a qualified member of the Preferred Pumper program conducted by the City of Portland and surrounding cities and counties. With Cloudburst service, the City knows that your trap is maintained in compliance with City standards.
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• Wipe down dishes and place waste food in your food waste compost or garbage.
• Keep waste cooking oil, fats and grease separate for recycling. If you have a deep fryer, never dump spent oil down a sink or other drain. Cloudburst provides free collection service for clean cooking oils.
• Do not put tooth picks, swizzle sticks, or other waste down your sink. Use a screen to catch debris before it goes down the drain.

These measures will help reduce the necessary trap cleaning frequency.
Grease traps help reduce the accumulation of FOGs and debris in your sewer lines. However, they cannot entirely eliminate accumulations. FOGs are dissolved in hot water, but as the water cools and flows out they solidify. Periodic cleanout of your sewer line is also necessary. Cloudburst recommends preventive cleaning of your sewer pipes. We have partnered with Spartan Drain & Recycling, which provides full service drain line service. Spartan can evaluate your need for regular preventive maintenance, as well as grease trap installation and basic plumbing services.
All liquid waste we collect – grease trap liquids and Used Cooking Oil – is recovered for local production of Biodiesel or Methane energy. Clean water and residual food is then used for agriculture.
Cloudburst. Clean water, Clean fuels.
100% recovery, zero waste.

Cloudburst is committed to energy recovery, recycling and resource conservation. And that’s not just lip service. Since 1975, Cloudburst has been an innovative leader in recycling.

Our grease trap and oil recycling program is guided and motivated by that same dedication. We love closing the loop, recovering waste for the benefit of our shared environment.