Cooking Oil Services in Portland, OR

Cooking Oil Pump - Cooking Oil Services in Portland, OR
Cloudburst will provide you with an appropriate cooking oil storage container, sized to your needs. We will schedule regular collection according to the volume of oil you generate so you never have an overflowing container. We pump out your container with a vacuum truck, so there are never spills or leaks in the transfer process.

It is important that you never put cooking oils down the drain or in the garbage or compost. Proper handling and recycling, helps keep our sewers flowing, our rivers clean, and our solid waste and composting facilities working as they should.

Cloudburst processes all oil we collect to remove impurities and convert the oil into a quality feedstock exclusively for use in local biodiesel production.

Used cooking oil can be a valuable commodity when prices of petroleum oil are high enough. When market conditions allow, Cloudburst provides rebates or credits for full service grease trap customers.

Cloudburst Recycling Inc in Portland Oregon has provided cooking oil services since 2005.

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