About Cloudburst Recycling Inc. in Portland, OR

The “Cloudburst” name, in part, symbolizes our commitment to preserving the natural water cycle. Grease trap cleaning and cooking oil recovery is an important part of our responsibility to protect our water cycle from human pollution.

The image of the “cloudburst” suggests the impending release of pent up awareness of environmental health, the understanding of human relationship to and reverence for all beings in the web of life, a restoration of balance.

Cloudburst is committed to energy recovery, recycling and resource conservation. And that’s not just lip service. Since 1975, Cloudburst has been an innovative leader in recycling. Our grease trap and oil recycling program is guided and motivated by that same dedication. We love “closing the loop”, recovering waste for the benefit of our shared environment. We are local, and family owned and operated.

Cloudburst Recycling, alongside Sunflower Recycling, was Oregon’s first successful home collection service for source separated multi-material recycling. At first, just a non-profit demonstration project, Cloudburst continued to pioneer recycling services in Portland for the next 41 years.

We recently sold our garbage and recycling operations to Heiberg Garbage & Recycling (503-281-8075, heiberggarbage.com).

Cloudburst was established to serve our community and promote recycling as a way to protect our environment and conserve resources and energy. It is important for us to minimize our energy footprint.

For example, in 2009 Cloudburst installed a large 23.9kW solar array, now our principal source of electrical power.

In 2007, Cloudburst started our used cooking oil recycling program. We realized that we could power our garbage and recycling fleet with non-fossil fuel, clean burning biodiesel, which could be made from waste cooking oil collected from our restaurant customers. That solved the paradox of exhausting polluting diesel truck emissions into the atmosphere while performing a recycling service meant to improve our environment. A perfect closed loop! Recovering waste oil from our customers to power our collection fleet! And no need for foreign oil or domestic fracking!
Truck fueling - Cooking Oil Recycling in Portland, OR
We established and financed the Oregon Biodiesel Workshop to experiment making low tech biodiesel reactors and producing our own biodiesel. OBW held workshops to help people convert their vehicles to run on SVO (straight vegetable oil). Next, we provided all our cooking oils to Bootstrap Biodiesel, which continued biodiesel experimentation, then became a certified biodiesel producer ourselves.

Currently all our refined biodiesel feedstock goes to a local third party for biodiesel production, and we re-purchase fuel for use in our own trucks.
Cloudburst Recycling Inc. in Portland, Oregon, is here to serve you and meet all of your recycling needs. Call us now at (503) 281-6049.