Cooking Oil Recycling Company in Portland, OR​

Cloudburst Recycling specializes in Grease Trap Cleaning and used Cooking Oil collection in the Portland metro area. All liquid waste collected is refined for locally produced Biodiesel (a clean burning replacement for fossil-fuel diesel), and clean methane gas production used to produce electricity. Clean waste water is reclaimed for agricultural use.

Why Choose Cloudburst?

• Professional Service: Prompt, reliable, courteous, efficient and effective service.
• Customer responsive service: We respect the needs of our customers. We answer the phone or promptly respond to messages.
• We do the job right: A member of the “Prefered Pumper Program”, we are recognized by Portland area Cities and Counties to provide quality service.
• Government Reporting: We provide all required Grease Trap Cleaning reports to government jurisdictions, so you don’t have to worry about it.
• Zero Waste: All waste collected is recycled for clean, renewable energy or agricultural use. Clean Water, Clean fuel is an environmental responsibility.
• Economical: Our fees are competitive. Credits for cooking oil, when market conditions allow.
• Well established, local Family owned and operated business, founded 1975.
Cloudburst is committed to energy recovery, recycling and resource conservation. And that’s not just lip service. Since 1975, Cloudburst has been an innovative leader in recycling. Our grease trap and oil recycling program is guided and motivated by that same dedication. We love “closing the loop”, recovering waste for the benefit of our shared environment. We are local, and family owned and operated.

Cloudburst Recycling, alongside Sunflower Recycling, was Oregon’s first successful home collection service for source separated multi-material recycling. At first, just a non-profit demonstration project, Cloudburst continued ti pioneer recycling services in Portland for the next 41 years.

We recently sold our garbage and recycling operations to Heiberg Garbage & Recycling (503-281-8075,

Cloudburst was established to serve our community and promote recycling as a way to protect our environment and conserve resources and energy. It is important for us to minimize our energy footprint.

For example, in 2009 Cloudburst installed a large 23.9kW solar array, now our principal source of electrical power.

If you need a company that specializes in cooking oil and grease trap services, contact Cloudburst Recycling Inc. in Portland, Oregon. Call (503) 281-6049.